Friday, August 17, 2012

Natural Strategies for Healthier-Looking Skin

Natural Strategies for Healthier-Looking Skin…
Source: Dr. Mercola

  1. Avoid eating grain carbohydrates, especially wheat – Bread, cereal, pasta, rice, potatoes, and corn can cause surges in insulin production. Instead, eat vegetable carbs because your body can typically digest them more easily. This is true even for whole grains.
  2. Consider a gluten-free diet – Particularly if you suffer from gluten intolerance, a gluten-free diet can potentially help you avoid toxins being pushed through your skin due to the intolerance.
  3. Eliminate/Reduce sugar in your diet – Like grains, sugar (particularly refined sugar) causes an insulin spike which can lead to less-than-desirable skin.
  4. Establish the proper balance of gut bacteria – Eating fermented foods and/or taking a high-quality probiotic supplement can promote a healthy balance of gut flora and support your immune system.
  5. Drink plenty of fresh pure water – Hydrating your body facilitates cell growth and regeneration, elimination of wastes, and helps remove dead skin cells. Hydration can enhance your skin tone as well.
  6. Choose raw milk over pasteurized – Better yet, due to the iodine found even in raw milk, it may be best to temporarily eliminate all milk in the interest of healthier-looking skin.
  7. Eliminate ALL sodas, juice, and energy drinks – These drinks are often loaded with sugar, artificial flavoring, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and artificial colors (dyes). As far as juices, eat the fruit in moderation instead.
  8. Eat for your Nutritional Type (NT) – Knowing your NT will help you determine the ideal amount of carbohydrates you should be eating and help you fine-tune each meal to just what's right for you.
  9. Optimize your vitamin D levels – Vitamin D is crucial for establishing a healthy immune system and to help promote healthy-looking skin.
  10. Reduce your stress – Research suggests that changes in skin often correlate with increased stress.
  11. Exercise regularly – Getting plenty of high-intensity exercise helps your body flush out toxins, including those in the pores of your skin. The more you sweat, the more you flush unwanted contaminants out of your pores.
  12. Get a good night's rest – Your body's time for rejuvenating is at night while you sleep. And this applies to your skin as well, as it can help promote a cleaner, clearer complexion.
  13. Naturally cleanse and moisturize your skin – Avoid toxic skin care products with risky chemical ingredients. They can cause more skin problems than they solve. (Suggested to use Organic Certified ingredients and only products without parabens and SLS. I only use my own whole and homemade products which you can find recipes all over the internet.)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fat Is Beautiful!

While researching the web for eating plans today I found plenty of bad information. Not just bad- dangerous. I'm always looking for something that speaks to me. I'm interested in why we get fat and what is the real issue with obesity. So far the most healthy and sound plan, from all the reading I have done over the last 4 years, seems to be the Paleo Diet and second or even equally would be Julia Ross's Diet Cure. I haven't read them all mind you but from what I have seen these are the most SATisfying diets, and the closest to the way we as humans have always eaten. I am a frum Jew so I wont use and Paleo type figures here. But I do think that grains cause many people problems especially if not prepared properly. I do think it's important to look back at anthropological evidence to see what people ate and were at their healthiest despite lack of "modern medical care" and food pyramids. People ate according to tradition and availability. There is one thing all civilizations were not afraid of and that was fat, namely saturated fats.

 I cant understand these diets that promote low fat. I cant think of a faster way to become grouchy and fail at a diet than eating low fat. Normally these diets replace fat with more fruits and grains and don't realize the dangerous consequences. Blood sugar for one. Grains and fruits can cause major upset to the blood sugar balance causing insulin resistance which is why many people cant stay on low-fat diets for very long. Often they gain back their weight and then some. Fat stabilizes blood sugar spikes. SATurated fats are SATisfying. I learned that one from Julia Ross in her fantastic book "The Diet Cure". It's true. Coconut oil is one fat that you dont have to be afraid of. Many have wrote it off as a bad fat because it's saturated and often confuse saturated fats with trans-fats as one in the same. Even the medical establishment doesnt seem to get the difference. The truth is we have been eating coconut oil and coconuts for many centuries and only in the last 50 years when we totally villianized saturated fats and replaced them with Poly Unsaturated Vegetable Oils, or refined nut and seed oils, like canola, corn, cottonseed, soybean, etc, have the rates of heart disease exploded to be the number one killer in America.

We replaced butter with margerine, a substance that our body cant even recognize and called it "heart smart" and ate it exclusively as if our ancestors for generations were misled and poor for not having this modern invention. We need to get back to our roots with food. I am a big advocate for dumping anything from your diet that you cant identify the source. just eat the real thing and forget the fake stuff... even if it tastes good! It was made in a laboratory! It will make you into a Frankenstein in no time!

Coconut oil can actually help in weight loss because it metabolizes fast. Quickly curbs hunger and has a ton of additional health benefits.It's one of my favorite things all around. I use it as a moisturizer, toothpaste, deodorant, and in my smoothies homemade chocolates, cookies, spreads, cooking... the list is endless!

Butter from grass fed sources (which you can tell because it is very yellow) is very high in vitamin K which is important because it works synergistically to process vitamins A&D in the body. Meaning it's best when eaten together. Think butter with eggs.

Making sure we get enough fat in our diets, meaning at least 3 tablespoons of added butter, coconut, olive or palm oil (even tallow or schmalz) a day is going to keep you feeling more stable, in a better mood, keep your blood sugar in check (provided you are keeping your sweets and starches to a low-moderate amounts) and your weight loss more successful. Carbs in my opinion are the real enemy and NOT fat!

Wishing you all much hatzlacha with keeping healthy and fit!
Shabbat Shalom,