Monday, July 2, 2012

Smart Thinking!

I rarely ever pat myself on the back, in fact I'm often told I don't give my self enough credit, OK well this time I'll admit I did good.

I live in Israel where we are lucky to receive imported products. Often at temporary availability and most of the time, just when I start to love something it is no longer available. This happened with Aroy-D Coconut milk in large Tetra Paks. Those were good times, I was making coconut ice cream, coconut hot chocolate (was that the most awesome thing.... oh yeah!) Those good times came to a crashing halt though, and we can no longer get that product. I think some of these places do it as punishment, but that's for another type of blog and I wont rant here. ;)

So I am having to come up with ingenious ways of making my own everything which is really how I became a homesteader in the first place... well aspiring because I dont have chickens... yet.

So the Vitamix, my 6th blender in 10 years, and hopefully the last one I need to buy in the next 10 or more years has been coming in handy on the ol' homestead. I have successfully made homemade coconut cream in exactly 1 minute! And searching through iHerb, weighing out if it's worth to buy coconut milk on-line led me to realize that I could just use the coconut cream to make coconut milk. Sure enough this is true.

To make cream (or butter) Basically you need to pour a bag of coconut flakes (Dessicated Coconut) into your blender, start low and walk it up to high and press down with your tamper to quickly make your coconut cream, no need to go longer than a minute because it will get really hot. Store this in a glass jars and in the summer time stir the oil back in before using.

To make milk put about a cup of filtered water into the blender with two (or more) heaping Tbsp of coconut cream and blend on medium speed. No need to strain it!

Why not just use dessicate coconut and strain, well I think this is wasteful, what do you do with the left over pulp? I have dehydrated it again and thrown it into cakes or tried to make some sort of gluten free dessert with it and it's like "eh" not really the house favorite.

So this way you have your coconut cream ready for eating from the jar or a great recipe, and it's ready to go, and if you need coconut milk its much faster and fresh when you need it. You could even just dollop the cream into your next smoothie and add any liquid and its tropical paradise!

I want to give some ideas in my next post on how to use coconut cream, and even oil and milk. I'm sure if you're a foodie you know a lot but I like to put ideas out there and get the ol' gears workin'

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