Monday, July 30, 2012

Please DONT pass the tofu!

During the 9 days before Tisha B' Av, I thought I would go crazy from not eating the proper amount of protein my body needed, happily today I was able to satisfy my hunger. Being on a Paleo type diet during that time wasnt easy.

I know many people were eating tofu in addition to eggs, legumes and fish. In Israel Tofu comes in all matter of forms from famous companies such as Tivol. Admittedly, I used to buy A LOT of this convenience food in the form of hot dogs, burgers and corn schnitzel.

For the past 3, almost 4 years we haven't touched that stuff, but unfortunately it seeps into my oldest son's afternoon lunch which is provided at school. I really don't understand it at all. I mean when you price it out it's no cheaper than real meat or chicken. But because it's so loaded with MSG they know the kids will eat it. Many people I know mistake these things for health food because anything with tofu in it must be healthy right? They even add it as filler to frozen hamburger here in Israel (check the label!)and put a little green leaf symbol on it so you think it's healthier than pure red meat, "why, its lower in that nasty saturated fat right"? Well consider this before you grab your next serving of soy, whether in the form of meatless meats, soy milk, soy formula, or even straight tofu... most soy beans, about 94%, as of 2011 are genetically modified or "GMO", that means the seeds have been adulterated in a lab so they have a self acting pesticide that protects it from infestation, which means really that you are also ingesting the pesticide and herbicide, almost all corn is like this too.
Here is a link about soy and children

Also Dr. Mercola talks about soy extensively, here is one article

I know there are several articles on the subject from all angles out there but one thing I want to bring up that is the most disturbing is that soybean consumption has been traditionally used for one thing... suppressing sexual desires. It is a known fact that monks were fed tofu to make them "remain monks" so to speak, not to have any inappropriate thoughts, so I can imagine what it's doing to our kids! Isoflavones are estrogen mimickers. No wonder our daughters are reaching puberty earlier than ever. I wonder if this has any correlation with the rise in infertility in our populations.

Everything is from Hashem but we also have to do our hishtadlut and guard our health. Please consider this before you buy those convenience foods. Soybean oil is lurking in almost all processed foods as is soy flour which acts as a dough conditioner in most store bought breads. It increases shelf life. I had a loaf of whole wheat bread that actually lasted in the cupboard for over two weeks before it was attacked by mold, and you know it was still as soft as the day I bought it. This may be a boon for some but it made me wonder if I was feeding my kids "frankenfood"? You will never have homemade bread last like that unless it has some soy flour and some hydrogenated fat in it.

Many people argue that soy is a traditional food and Asians have been eating it for a long time. That's only a small point. Asians eat it as a condiment and not as a staple protein. In the west it is eaten as a protein replacement instead of a little accent once in a while. Also the beans have been so adulterated that it cant even come close to the fermented soy products that Asian cultures consumed. These foods like nato, miso, tempe and aged soy sauce are far different than GMO junk foods that many people eat daily.

So the message here is soy is NOT a health food and read your labels because it's popping up in almost everything.

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