Sunday, July 8, 2012

Listening to the Real Food Summit

Sign up here for free! I'm listening to Chris Kresser talk about Omegas now while I post this and earlier listened to Joel Salatin talk about farming.
I've been reading the section in Weston A Price's "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" about the Native Gaelic communities in Scotland, Ireland and Wales. As far as I know, through my family tradition, my ancestors come from Scotland. The natives of certain parts of Scotland traditionally ate oats and sea food. Certain areas had very little fertile soil to grow vegetables and raise cattle to graze on. Even despite a lack of dairy, meat and fresh vegetables they were thriving. The majority had no cavities, only 1 in 100 in many of the populations, as long as they were eating their traditional diet. As soon as certain populations had access to imported food, maybe from a general store or brought in on the boats, there were cavities and tooth loss. Dr. Price mentions the main culprits white flour, sugar, jams, and canned goods.
There are opinions that one should consume the diet of their ancestors, while I don't "O" blood type (I dont follow the diet) but I do believe that a type "O" needs to have red meat. I feel very satisfied and level when I consume red meat a few times a week. Variety is key. I also notice I must eat veggies. I do well on meat & veggies and 1 cup of white rice a day. Maximum two pieces of fruit. I found the most sound advice from the last two books I've read, no more than 100g of carbs a day if you have blood sugar issues, which I do. That means if your fasting glucose is higher than 89. Which mine is.
This is hard to do though because I love fruit especially in my smoothies. Anyway this advice is from Kate Shanahan. I LOVE the advice of Julia Ross in the "Diet Cure". She has a "Diet Cure" Plate diagram in her book which really simplifies the whole thing and she gives more advice for those trying to lose weight... Nuts! No more than 3 times a week (oops!) and only two fruits a day. This diet is a zero sugar diet. I find it absolutely necessary! So many times I was "off sugar" and took that one fatal bite, it is so hard to go back to your rules once you allow for "just one bite"! I feel it too, I can feel the sugar hitting me, so I know I have a problem with it. When I say sugar, in my case, I mean honey or date syrup, and the occasional dark chocolate. I haven't intentionally had white sugar or even raw cane sugar at all in a very long time, but in the end its all the same sweet is addictive! I used to have strategies to talk myself out of sugar indulgences. Mostly I would think about weight gain, or diabetes or even G-d forbid the C word, these are all higher risk when one consumes sugar regularly. So whatever works to stop the impulse! Your health is everything.

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