Friday, July 20, 2012

Shabbat Shalom, a recipe too!

It's Friday morning, Shabbat is coming... the blessed end to the week. Winding down but still so much to do. Of course the blog takes priority over making challah right? ;). It's ok these are long Erev Shabbatim it will all get done. I have been feeling very unmotivated the past few days because of the Hamsin we are having here, it was 102F on Wednesday, and yesterday was up there too. It's supposed to really break tomorrow so I will be looking forward to enjoying the food I will prepare today without sweating over my plate.

The 9 days to Tisha B'Av has just begun, so there are many restrictions as to what we can enjoy now. We are mourning the destruction of our Temple in Jerusalem, so we do not swim, cut hair, bathe for enjoyment, listen to music, have weddings, etc.

We also do not eat meat.

This is presenting some anxiety for me actually. I'm wondering what exactly will I be serving my family this week? I am so reliant on chicken and meat as staples that I'm not sure what will be for 9 days straight and 3 meals a day to provide that protein. There are basically fish, eggs, and beans. I dont eat beans. But my kids enjoy them. Actually Shabbat you are supposed to eat meat even during the 9 days because mourning isn't allowed on the sabbath. So really its 3 less meals...

During the week I will need to get creative with casseroles and fish dishes. I will order a large quantity of salmon from the fresh fish market and some cheaper fish to supplement. I suppose it's good to have a break and have something lighter. The focus is supposed to be on what we have lost.

So tonight my family will have Challah from spelt and whole wheat, I will make some dips, like techina, sun dried tomato spread, matbucha, and some green salads, also a coleslaw made with home made aioli mayo. Which I will be making in my Vitamix. But you dont have to. Also chicken and rice. The chicken will be prepared in a spontaneous way, because this is how I cook... without a plan and just go where my inspiration takes me.

Ailoi (From Mother Earth News, doubled)

(photo credit:On Da House)

2 egg yolk (preferably from organic, pastured chickens)
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 cloves garlic, diced
Pinch salt
1 twist freshly ground pepper
1.5 cups extra virgin olive oil
Pinch cayenne pepper (optional)
Fresh herbs, chopped (optional)


In a food processor, blend all the ingredients except the oil for about 1 minute, then slowly — very slowly! — add the oil in a stream and continue to process until creamy and smooth. Adjust seasonings as needed, and feel free to add a pinch of cayenne or some chopped herbs.

For the coleslaw I just mix with the aioli with a little more lemon juice and some fresh cracked black pepper and a little Herba Mare seasoning to julienned cabbage and carrots, it is also a wonderful mayo for potato salad. I actually love it on anything!

Shabbat shalom!

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