Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Finally Found A Name!

Whew! Well I think this is it, I finally found a name for this blog that I'm happy with and that sums it all up. I really hope I can keep it up. The reason I decided to focus on the "Kosher-ness" of this blog is because I think a.) There isn't really any one else talking about Jews and Homesteading and b.) I think there are plenty of bloggers out there talking about all other types of homesteading! So there is a gap to fill. I may not always have profound advice, but I hope to share my journey and how I'm managing my aspiring homestead. My homestead is in a beginning and dream stage. I'm in a relatively small space and am dreaming of moving to a larger property. In the meantime I'm trying to implement certain ideas as they are relevant to my space. I hope whoever reads this gains something and I hope I can teach what I know.

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