Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Well as of now I am in the mood to start blogging again, maybe its having a laptop now maybe its the Vitamix that we just welcomed into our lives, with open arms! I just wish I were a lot more adept to making a creative space on this thing for writing about all the stuff in my head. I like journaling but I have a hard time focusing.
Anyway I am very excited... I'm in "smoothie heaven"! I think I'm using the thing like 5 times a day on average. Can I just say if you have been contemplating getting a Vitamix Blender, just get it already! It really is worth every penny (or shekel in my case). Although I must admit that I'm kind of "lost"(?) with what to do... sweet things; no problem, I can throw bananas and cacao powder in anything and everyone loves it but when it comes to making veggie things like soup, I'm not so skilled as to what to put with what. It's not like cooking on the stove top, this is an entirely different skill. One that will require a learning curve I can see. A challenge but such a happy one, I had been wanting this for years but since I live overseas I payed double what they cost in the states. So it really was an investment.

So what's been happening, I have been reading some great books so far this summer, thanks to Sean Croxton at Underground Wellness Blog for all his amazing guests and inspiration. I have bought a lot of the books from the people he's interviewed.
I just finished "Deep Nutrition" By Kate and Luke Shanahan. This was so interesting to me and a perspective on things I had never thought about. I have tried reading Nutrition and Physical Regeneration by Weston A. Price, but honestly its really a hard read because it was written in the 30's and it's quite formal. But Shanahan breaks it down into an easier to understand format and condenses it further, plus she shares her own clinical experience as a physician. One thing I finally figured out is why our Wisdom Teeth dont fit in our skulls! Lack of good nutrition over the ages has changed our bone structure and made our jaws more narrow and therefor crowded our teeth! Our skulls are thinner as well. So what's the wisdom with wisdom teeth? "My mother and I should have eaten better so my teeth would fit in my head"!

Her formula is called "The 4 Pillars of World Cuisine" which consists of:
1)Eating Meat on The Bone
2)Including Organ Meat and Offal into the diet
3)Fermentation and sprouting and
4)Fresh raw greens, veggies and milk.
She also insists that the worst enemies of health are Sugar and vegetable oils (as opposed to traditional fats).

This is the wisdom of our ancestors and what we have lost through "progress". Its funny, recently I looked up Weston A. Price on You Tube and found so much negativity from the vegans, mainly. It's sad really that there are so many people who cant accept that everyone has a journey in life and really need to find what's right for them. I have vegan friends that have been so for over 30 years and they look and feel great. I have friends that the diet made them feel worse after the initial euphoria wore off, which was closer to my experience. To each their own! I just have to say though that the evidence for ancestral wisdom in diet is compelling. Weston Price went searching for the best of health among peoples around the world, what those people were eating and how it affected their teeth, he expected to find vegetarian/ vegan civilizations and expected they would be the healthiest. He found no vegan civilizations! And the healthiest, notably the Maasai people of Kenya and Tanzania were the healthiest of all, living on fresh, raw cows milk, meat and fresh blood from their cattle. Incredibly the elders look younger than the most fit 30 year old I've ever met. Kinda totally debunks that whole "meat-causes-cancer" argument doesn't it? Well I have a lot to say about all that too. But it will have to wait.
Anyway since reading this book I have really cut my carb consumption down. Her advice was that if your fasting blood glucose levels are above 89 (which mine are) you should be only consuming 100g of carbs a day. I'm not sure if I'm exactly there but doing far better than before and I think I'll get there sooner than later.

Lastly, am now reading Julia Ross's updated version of "The Diet Cure". I'm really loving it so far and knew that I would after reading "The Mood Cure", which I would also like to talk about in a future post.

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