Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Finding a new diet and new hope

Wow OK so it's been a while hasn't it? Well here, I'm back. I want to share what I've been up to on my health/diet journey. I'm really not so good at blogging, real life always has so much more going on so I have no time to sit online really except looking for recipes and checking in on Etsy where I have a shop. I have been going through quite a few changes here and there over time. Starting this with raw vegan, then just vegan with about 80% raw aka high raw, then not enough raw... then started having some major systemic candida issues, switched to a candida diet and now doing a GAPS/ Candida type diet. I discovered GAPS through a friend who does Weston Price, she told me about it because I have a son with PDD, an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)at first it looked way to hard to manage so I filed it away. But recently I gave a look again and realized this was not only the diet for him but me as well. I listened to Dr. Natasha McBride on Dr. Mercola's website and realized this woman is the real deal. Then I downloaded and listened to pod-casts and read blogs the more I read and the more testimonials I heard I felt a connection, that all these people either by way of healing their children or them selves or both have a lot in common with what I'm going through. So far we are working on getting my older son (him especially although his brother will also be getting off of it) off sugar and gluten. I have to take baby steps with this. I wanted to start blogging a little more to share the progress. I also haven't noticed any GAPS Kosher recipes (although many of them are anyway) But because I keep kosher I cant add any dairy products into my meat soups and I have to be careful about baking with anything other than coconut oil in case I get confused and dip my tallow cookie in my yogurt (G-d Forbid!). ;/ I started intro on Monday after I had kind of jumped for joy after seeing the full GAPS Menu and going " Oh boy I can have fruit!!!" Left the candida diet in the dust and went in to full gaps with gusto! Well that was short lived, I just cant have certain sweet things, fruit and dried fruit, honey and all will have to wait. The damaged needs to be repaired. Right away the gassy, rumbling, bubbling, gurgling, feeling-like-I-would-lift-off-and-float-away tummy troubles came back. Loose stools and all that fun stuff too and oy vey suffering! So then that was it... intro it was! What's the question? SO I decided to just do it. Went out and bought a bunch of bones of all different types and had and broth- o- rama cooking day and am now on my third day. Ok gung ho in the beginning yes, it's true! But I have to say the tummy troubles have basically subsided. Ok for now that's it but next time i want to write about why I have decided to blog again, the whole Kosher thing... not enough of us blogging about health. AS much as I can I'll try to keep updated posts. I want to share some of my recipes and link to some that I like too. I also just personally want a place to store all the blogs I've started reading and recipe sites. In an upcoming post I'll talk about my former life as a vegan and how I feel about it now.

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