Monday, January 11, 2010

The importance of drinking water

Shalom y'all!
It's the middle of winter and here in Israel we've been experiencing a heat wave. The temps for the past few days have been in the upper 70's! WOW! What beautiful weather but just as we need rain here in the Holy Land to keep the vegetation healthy and lush, and to help with our desperate water crisis so too we need to stay hydrated.
I was trying to think of the single most important part of my daily routine and I would have to say that it's water. Not just that I drink it but when and how and how it works into my schedule with meals and such. I follow the advice of the Rambam (Maimonides) on this issue and do not drink while I'm eating, as it interferes with digestion. I start my day with a full liter of water with a pinch of sea salt, of which 8 oz is mixed with lemon and cayenne pepper (my final morning glass). Then, throughout the day when I drink, it's 20 min before a meal and 2 hours after a meal. What's great about this is that it keeps me from overeating or snacking. This single rule keeps me looking forward to being thirsty so I must stop eating! I also stop eating before I am "full". 3/4 is the rule.

In six weeks I have lost 17 pounds. I am eating a diet of approximately 90% raw foods. I eat simple cooked foods for the evening meal. No sugar and low glycemic fruits and veggies. I will occasionally eat whole wheat bread, maximum 3 meals a week, although I am trying to eliminate this too.
Because I observe the Jewish Sabbath this is tricky. I have tried to substitute sprouted wheat bread but as we all know... it's just not the same as challah!

Le'at le'at (slowly slowly)! I don't want to make the mistake I made the first time and just go "nut crazy" and eliminate everything I enjoy, because sooner or later we give in and then we feel miserable afterward.
Have a goal and keep it in mind, but know yourself too. If you have been a yo-yo dieter all your life, maybe just taking the first step of drinking enough water will be highly beneficial. Then stop eating sugar, then take the next step with eliminating white flour, then get rid of processed foods. After that or at the same time start adding healthy things you like, smoothies with a bunch of fruit for example. After that start juicing, drink green smoothies, keep one meal a day totally raw, and then simplify your food choices, etc. It's a process and we all have to find what works best for us.
Good luck and go have a drink!

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