Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Tuesday! Looking forward to my veggies coming today! This is my typical order, give or take, from my local Organic Farmers Market. The produce is so beautiful and delicious who would want to eat junk instead with all this bursting flavor???

I do have some qvetch though. I am getting frustrated because I want to continue with my program but raw food supplements are SO expensive here! Some of the things I need are 4 times the price of what I would pay in the States. This is really frustrating because I need this stuff. So I'm kinda stuck for now.
I finally went to get some consultation with healthy eating. This was worth the price even though it was expensive. I guess as the saying goes "better to pay now than to 'pay' later". I agree, but I sure wish I had a million dollars!
This is where the tefilla (prayer) comes in. I'm doing my part, it's a mitzvah (commandment) to take care of your body. So I'm doing the best I can. And hopefully G-d will do the rest.

It was suggested that I take Acai and camu camu as well as Pure Synergy and Zeo Force supplement powders. Maca and gojis, chia too. Thankfully I have Maca and Gojis. But the rest needs to be sent or brought in.

I am so thankful for my new juicer though! Did my first wheatgrass this morning! My opinion is that it is very sweet. I also find that with sprouted wheat bread, that it has this almost saccharine sweetness. Seems odd I know. Anyway the juicer I bought was the Oscar Vital Max 900 So far I'm very happy with it, although I must admit I don't have anything to compare it to, other than centrifugal juicers. This does everything, fruit and veggies, wheat grass, baby food, nut butters, frozen sorbet, and even hummous, pates, and pasta. I guess I have to report back in future posts how that's going!

You can see I have been really good about my greens for smoothies and juices!

The fennel (with the leaves) is really awesome in juice along with celery, arugula and cucumber and a tomato.
Have a blessed and healthy day!

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