Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why the Change?

OK so I realized I wasn't really being honest or maybe I forgot a key element in my interests; I forgot all about my interest in gardening and "sustainable living" (man I'm so sick of that word).

So I have this dream of living in the Golan Heights and having a sheep farm and growing organic vegetables and having chickens and horses, a cow maybe. I don't know, my whole thing about healthy living I think is more on the level of eating things that are made at home, no, not popping hot dogs in the oven rather than eating out but starting from scratch. I'm drawn to raw food-ism because I believe in eating light and maximizing energy, detoxing the body. I'm not into hormones in my food and eating soy substitutes for meat. I don't like processed food, I can taste the chemicals in those foods. So anyway I'm changing the angle here a bit. I wouldn't say this is a raw food blog, I don't know where I'm headed with that. I like meat, I just don't like the business of meat, the industry. Health-wise I have heard all theories. Meat (meaning chicken, turkey and beef... etc) is either poison or healthy, or it depends on what you eat. Healthy animals give healthy meat. Then there is this whole impact on the planet thing. It's all very confusing.
I have been told that if I do a thorough detox then I wont crave meat.

But my religious beliefs, The Torah, tells me that eating meat is permitted and talks at great length about the laws of meat and milk and cooking, which animals are kosher and which are not. I have also heard that in Gan Eden (Garden of Eden) that Adam and Eve were vegetarian and it was only after the Eve ate from the tree of knowledge that we as humans were reduced to barbarians and had to hunt for our food. It's as if it is an imperfect state and when we receive the redemption we will go back to that Gan Eden of eating only from the ground and from trees.
If meat were bad for us why would it be written that especially the Sabbath Day we should eat meat and fish? My answer has always been well, with all due respect to the Torah, animals were raised as grass fed animals and not given antibiotics and hormones to make them better producers and keep the "healthy".

So that's why I wish I could raise my own everything, I would have control of what's happening. I probably wouldn't drink milk though because, for the most part, I am of the school of thought that people shouldn't be drinking milk after weening. Although I am a fan of butter, but milk hurts my stomach terribly and get along much better with sprouted almond milk. I find that for me a diet of at least 70 % raw plant foods and the other 30% mostly cooked grains or root veggies and once or twice a week I'll eat chicken, and rarely a piece of beef (I mean small).
I am really beginning this journey, I was vegetarian for many years while in college, and have been a yo-yo health fanatic/ junk food junkie all my life i think. Meaning sometimes it gets too "hard" to keep up and I go off the deep end of indulgence, gain a few pounds and feel lousy then get back on the wagon.

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