Thursday, April 9, 2009

Be a Jew!

I just googled "raw pesach recipes" on line this evening and found something I thought was a little over the top. It's Pesach now and food varieties are limited, if you are Ashkenazi (European decent) like me there are basically potatoes, meat , matzoh, dairy and fruit and veggies. I have put the raw on the back burner for now. Frustrated though I am about it. It will have to wait. Pesach is Pesach.

I thought though that I would find some special recipes for Passover that were raw, something new that I haven't seen. Most raw recipes can be made on Pesach, which is great. I have books, yes, but needed some inspiration.

Boy! Are there some flakes out there or what. I mean mock matzoh!, and one article was explaining how this raw fooder made their Seder plate vegan raw style. I cant deal. Be a Jew! It's a mitzvah that happens but once a year and you cant fulfill it by eating a kezayit (olive sized portion) of matzoh and instead cheapen the Yetzias Mitzraim by eating flax!? Did the Hebrews eat flax crackers when the left Egypt? Come on.

Sorry for the negativity but I find flakiness most annoying. Here in Israel we appreciate our opportunity to fulfill a Mitzvah whether raw vegan or not. I am not vegan, nor at this time do I want to be. I have type "o" blood. I tried and was miserable. I feel kind of bad about it in a way because I want that squeaky clean body inside and out that raw vegans have. But I also have a Creator and a Torah which tells me that we need to eat matzoh on Pesach and how the Seder plate is supposed to look. And no you cant replace the egg with a pomegranate because of whatever you think a pomegranate symbolizes, and the shank bone or Zaroah cant be replaced with a roasted leek cut like a fan at the end to symbolize the rays of the sun!
That's not Passover, that is not the gift we were given by G-d. That does not equal the splitting of the Sea of Reeds and the exodus from Egypt. They would have been sitting on the outside of the camp whining because they didn't have sprouted lentils to eat! Buck up and be a Jew at least one day a year.... and be proud of it when you eat your matzoh celebrating that you are free and no longer a slave and that you can eat your flax crackers through out the rest of the year.

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