Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wow soooo long ago!

I cant believe how fast time flies!
Well to update, I have been learning a lot about my body and it's digestive functions. What the digestive system likes and doesn't. Meat is definitely a no-no in my guts. I have a problem though I absolutely love fish and chicken! What can I do, I find it to be irresistible? But the moment I eat it I have terrible gas, bloating etc. (Sorry about TMI!) However I guess I am illustrating a point that we have to know our bodies. Gas and bloating became the norm for me until I started eating mostly raw. And now I am not used to it, so when it happens I know why. Also with cooked food I have noticed that I tend to eat much more. I have heard that this is a sign of nutritional deficiency in the food and when the bodies enzyme and nutritional needs are fulfilled one doesn't need or want to overeat. It's not even conscious just as over eating isn't. You just put the food down when you are full. I find this easier to do in the morning. I go very light in the morning but have a very hard time around 4 pm. I usually make the worst food choices then and if I wind up eating sweets or digging into my kids potato chip bag it's usually then. So I have been going back and forth on what to feed the kids, I simply hate waiting but I also hate them eating junk. They have become very picky eaters all of a sudden.
I watched "Super size Me" which I had never seen before. Whew! What a film! I cant believe I had never seen it until now. OK this is Israel and I don't own a TV I am a little in the dark ages here. I encourage every American who eats junk food and fast food to watch it. I have posted a link. I am also putting my safe parent rating on it as for adults as there is some bad language and mature conversation, and a little too much info during his medical exams and I'll leave it at that!


  1. Hey's great that you're getting to "know" your body, we really should all be more conscious of our whole body and recognize the signs it is sending us! I started to watch Supersize Me one day and didn't finish...I'll rent it again after reading your post!

  2. You can watch it for free on this link


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