Monday, March 9, 2009

Purim is Coming

Purim is coming and it's the wildest and craziest day in the Jewish calendar. The kids and even some adults dress up in costumes and we deliver treats to to our friends, give charity, get a little drunk, hear the book of Esther... all in all a very fun and hectic day. Lots of sugar, booze and and food going around all in celebratory fashion. So this year because I am in the raw, I am coming prepared! I am making raw Hamantaschen (traditional cookie eaten at Purim time) and I have made homemade raw chocolate and will be preparing some goodies such as a pesto pizza and some nori rolls as well as a big salad with a raw Caesar dressing! Maybe I'll even prepare a raw fuzzy navel for a yummy drink (sans alcohol of course!)


  1. do u make raw chocolate? Does a raw diet prevent you from drinking alcohol?

  2. Yay I found your blog. I would like to try going raw. Its intimidating.

  3. Sorry I didnt see the comments I forgot to have them routed to my e-mail.
    Heather I will post a recipe or a link for raw chocolate. Look I dont go crazy, if i want some alcohol I'll have. But idealy, the point of raw foods is to keep the body free and clear of toxins as much as possible. That's the reason for the cleanses and juice fasts etc.

    Miriam; just add more raw veggies to your diet and a smoothie, or green smoothie every day and take it slow. I jumped in and nearly drowned!


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