Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 15

Yesterday was a very difficult day. I had a huge fight over money with my hub and then my 5 1/2 year old was making me nuts. I didn't feel like eating raw. I was seriously craving some hot food. Also it was cold and raining all day. I started to binge on Doritos for a few seconds and realized what was going on, so then put them down. Why sabotage everything because of stress? I did it when my son was screaming at me and I felt like blowing my top. Don't stuff stress down with food eh? Easier said than done.
So today is a new day and I started out with a nice couple glasses of water and a green smoothie and feeling really good.
My favorite green smoothie is this one from "Green for Life" by Viktoria Boutenko;
1 Banana
3 Apples
juice of half lemon
bunch of organic spinach (to taste, I usually put a dozen big leaves in)
2 cups filtered water

blend it up and enjoy!
This is my "cup o' Joe" in the morning. Gets me really fueled up.
Now I am off to make some flax crackers! Thanks to the Good Lord for the flax crackers and my dehydrator! Always a meal available :)

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  1. You're doing great, B-D (yes, it's my new nickname for you) !!! Keep it up...I can't imagine how much strength it takes to pass on hot food...and comfort're a strong lady! H


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