Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 11

Day 11,
Today has been a difficult day. I wasn't able to eat just raw today and was very disorganized in general. Had very big cravings for animal protein and while preparing food for the sabbath I wound up eating chicken cutlets (fried no less) and Moroccan fish later on.
Oh well my body was telling me that's what it wanted. I have to listen sometimes, and I am just in the beginning stages of this, going from meat eater to raw vegan in very short amount of time. Some people do this gradually. They have been vegetarian or vegan for many years. And some people say to transition and others suggest doing it 100% from the get go. Theorizing that if you go 100% then you will eventually break the dependency for the cooked food. And that every time you eat cooked food it needs to be eliminated as a detox, and detox can sometimes be unpleasant, headaches breakouts etc. So I figured if I did it 100% I would be saving myself the unpleasantness of detoxing over and over again.
But then there is the Shabbat (sabbath) dilemma. We Jews feast Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Shabbat is a special day and it happens every Friday night (sundown til Saturday sundown). We eat a hot meal, salads with fish and challah then chicken soup. Also chicken, a veggie side and rice or potatoes. Then Saturday afternoon another big meal salads and challah again, then cholent (sabbath stew) potato kugel and chicken shnitzle. And of course both meals end with a dessert!
So this has been my diet saboteur for the past 9 years already. It's very hard to pass up this type of food. I tried to do it raw last week, but just ate the challah (1 piece). I felt much better physically but in my mind I felt like I was really missing the good stuff. So I have been trying to prepare special meals for shabbat that are raw like "turkey" loaf made of nuts and veggies, special raw Chocolate Turtles, lots of salads. We'll see how it goes this week. I'll be back on Sunday with the report!

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