Sunday, February 15, 2009

216 lbs Day 7

I've lost 4 pounds so far and feel absolutely Alive and energized!
I watched a very motivating video Which I think may be to long to post. Too bad! but click the link. Anyway having a little lower back pain and feeling cold but all this is expected at first and keep motivating myself and saying if these people (all the many testimonials that I have read) can do it so can I.
Funny I have been on every diet and have never been so excited or happy about any of them as I am about eating living raw foods. When I was in OA which was my "last resort" I thought it was my only life line, the only way to conquer my "addiction" I was told I was powerless over food. Wow! That's very uplifting and motivating! And that I have a "disease" called overeating. After trying to work with several sponsors that said I have to do what they do (because my addiction is just the same as theirs right? ) And being unable to give it over to my Higher Power to tell them all my food and my faults I went on terrible binges, which I had never done before stepping foot into my first meeting. The guilt cycle just got worse. Well I had enough of that. I do have control over my life and I do have the power to say no to junk foods and I do have the power to say yes to life and good health. Motivation is much more powerful than feeling powerless!
Here's to energy! Here's to life! Here's to well being and enjoying living food to make living bodies!

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